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Welcome to CS Wear Resistant Material Co., Limited 


CS Wear is a privately-owned, China-based manufacturer & supplier of wear-resistant materials, we have been focusing on wear solution since the early 21st century, we specialized in 2 product groups, one is Laminated Wear Blocks, this material is a combination of high chrome white iron metallurgically bonded to a mild steel backing plate, with a hardness of min.700HB (63-66HRC), which offers high abrasion and impact resistance to maximize equipment efficiency and productivity, typical products including chocky bars, wear buttons, wear bars, wear plates etc. Another product is Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate, this material is chromium carbide composite cladding that fusion bonded to a backing material, which is well known for being one of the most abrasive resistant material.

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Why us:

CS Wear situates itself as an advanced wear solutions provider since its inception, our concept is that we only offer high-quality products that always exceed customer's expectation.
Our casting division use the most advanced water glass sand casting and dissolved mold casting technology, which is more mature and stable than other casting methods, our quality control team makes timely inspection including raw material, mold, casting, heat treatment, hardness, microstructure, and we keep records for each process.
Our Chrome Carbdie Overlay devision offers advanced CCO plates made through submerged arc welding process, we have also developed a upgraded CCO plate that has a smooth wear surface, crack-free and no visible welding beads, this product developed aims to meet customer's extra requirement for wear life when regular products can not meet their severe and harsh working conditions.
CS Wear not only provides wear products of excellent quality, but also provide customized and integrated wear solutions for your specified requirement.

Our service:

Strategic stocks, short lead time, on-time delivery, customized wear parts solution, pre and after sales technical support, high cost performance are just some of the many services that we offer.

We are an ethically sound, socially responsible company. Our core values are based around honesty, integrity, flexibility, reliability and forming strategic long term relationships and partnerships with our customers. Our heritage, pedigree and consistently high quality performance makes us the reliable source of wear solutions.

You can count on CS Wear to solve your most challenging wear problems!

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