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Chrome Carbide Overlay

Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate


Chromium Carbide Overlay(CCO) is chromium carbide composite cladding that is fusion bonded to a backing material, which is well known for being one of the most abrasive resistant material. The overlay material is an austenitic chromium carbide iron deposited by a submerged arc welding or open arc welding process, the microstructure consists of primary Cr7C3 carbides in a carbide austenite eutectic matrix. The high abrasion resistance is provided by the hard chromium carbides that protect the matrix from abrasive wear. The standard backing material for CCO is mild steel, the backing plate acts as a ductile base, which offers good impact resistance & toughness and allows CCO to be formed and shaped without damage to the overlay material.



 Chromium content of overlay material is as high as 27% - 40%

 Volume percent of Cr7C3 in Microstructure is more than 30%

 Hardness as high as HRC 58-63, hardness equally distributed
 High abrasive resistance, outlast quench and tempered steel (400BHN Q&T plate) by 5-6 times in high abrasion applications

 Thickness of overlay material equally distributed, tolerance below 0.5 mm

 Flatness below ±3mm/m

 Large size: hard facing area can be 2100mm(Width) x 3500mm(Length), welding channels along the length.

Smooth and Crack-free Overlay Plates
CS Wear developed a brand new chromium carbide welding plates with a smooth surface, crack-free, and no visible welding beads, which are made through advanced fusion bond welding technology to apply a highly abrasive resistant chromium carbide on to a steel substrate producing consistent chemistry and microstructure with smooth overlay deposit, the smooth overlay deposit contains a consistent chemistry and microstructure down to the fusion line. The uniform distribution of chromium-rich primary carbides, in a carbide-austenite eutectic matrix, produces a wear plate that obtains high abrasion resistance and excellent impact properties, the Smooth overlay normally has a 2 times wear property than conventional chrome carbide overlay plates, this products developed to meet customer's extra requirement for wear life when conventional overlay plates can not meet the severe working conditions, or an application that needs a smooth wear surface.


Hardness: >670HV (60-64HRC)

Smooth surface, crack-free, no welding beads, low friction, excellent for reducing hang up or carry back

Plates are made by one single pass overlay using carbide dispersion distribution technology, uniform microstructure and hardness equally distributed

2 times wear property than conventional overlay plate based on our experience

Depth of fusion dilution: around 0.5mm, very low overlay dilution with backing plate

Primary carbide volume: >37%

Flatness: ±2.5mm per 1.5 linear meters

Operating temperature < 600
Plates can cut into other sizes/shapes upon request. studs, holes can be added or machined



The base material can be welded with standard mild steel or low hydrogen welding consumables with no pre-heating required. However, care should be taken to avoid contacting the overlay material.


Plasma cutting is the recommended method for cutting CCO plate. It is preferable to cut CCO from the backing plate side to ensure a clean edge and to prevent carbide contamination.

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