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Crusher Wear Parts

CS Wear specialized in design, development, and manufacturing of high manganese wear parts and high chrome wear parts, our cursher wear products now mostly focused on Cone crusher wear parts (Mantle, Bowl liner), Jaw crusher parts (Jaw plates), Impact crusher wear parts (Blow bars/Impact bars), and Hammer crusher parts (Hammers), with capacity of 15000 metric ton wear consumables annually.

Main wear materials we currently doing are as below: 

High Manganese

13% Manganese Steel - Standard Hadfield Manganese for general crushing conditions where high abrasion wear resistance is not of primary concern, suitable for cone and jaw crushers.
18% Manganese Steel - Increased Manganese and Carbon content for extended wear life, suitable for all cone and jaw crushers.
22% Manganese Steel - Optimum Manganese and Carbon combination for good wear-resistance and toughness. Extended wear life in high impact. High abrasive wear conditions, suitable for most cone liners as well as all sizes of jaw crusher liners.


13%, 18%, 22% high Manganese can also made with extra Chrome content of 1.0%-2.5% to increase the wear property of Manganese steel.

High Chrome
Cr23, Cr26 with hardness of 55-60HRC, high wear resistance, but less impact resistance, feed size needs to controlled or will have a risk of breakages, normally used in secondary , tertiary & asphalt applications.

Advanced solutions are also available upon requests:

Ceramic Metal Composite

Metal Matrix Composites (MMC), a newest and superior materials offering for wear parts. The composites are combining tough metallic matrix and hard ceramic together. Wear resistance of material is combined with both optimum material strength (hardness) and toughness properties. The composites with ceramics will achieve a service life up to 2 to 5 times of normal material.

Titanium Carbide Wear Solutions

CS Wear supply wear parts with Titanium Carbide (TiC) inserts, which deliver outstanding durability, currently Impactors/Blow Bars, Jaw Crusher Plates, Hammers, Cone liners and Breaker Blocks can offered with TiC solutions, TiC inserts performs great wear and impact resistance only when it combined with high manganese steel.

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